From the Director

The project we have been planning for years is in full swing!  The Youth Services Department has moved into the Auditorium for the duration of the project, and work on the 1st and 2nd floors is nearly complete.

Construction of the new entry is estimated to be finished this summer.  Until it is ready, you can enter through the back entrance next to the book drop. The door is accessible with assistance.  Please ring the bell if you need help from a staff member to enter.

Parking has been more of a challenge than usual.  Please remember that the book drop located in back of the building is open 24-7.  Also, the Friends of the Library operates a book donation bin at the Volunteer Services Center at 30 Harrison Avenue, just around the corner from the library.

We are also very pleased that the Campaign for the Blackstone has exceeded its fundraising goal of $800,000!  We are deeply grateful to the amazing community support that has brought us thus far.

You can still support the project and make a donation today by following this link.  If you prefer to donate with a check or matching company gift, you may download a pledge form here.

Many thanks for your support!

     — Karen Jensen, Library Director

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