Menunkatuck Audubon: Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air

Wednesday, December 13

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

With more than 330 species known in the world, hummingbirds are the second largest family of birds after flycatchers. These tiny aeronautic marvels have the ability to hover, fly backward, and migrate long distances. The physiological capacity of hummingbirds to raise and lower their heart rate and body temperature to survive cold nights is unmatched in the avian world. This program illustrates the amazing adaptations of these glittering gems and describes their fascinating life histories. Vivid photographs of hummingbirds in the United States, Central and South America tell the story of how these birds survive in habitats that range from tropical forests to the forests of the Andes Mountains.

Gina Beebe Nichol has been a naturalist and birder for more than thirty years, Gina first became fascinated with the natural world in rural upstate New York where she spent most of her childhood out of doors.  Gina received her B.S. in Environmental Education from Cornell University and her M.A. in Educational Technology from Fairfield University.  She began her career as a Naturalist at the Rye Nature Center in Rye, New York.  Gina’s interest in human/wildlife interactions then took her to Volunteers for Wildlife in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.  There she coordinated the operation of a 24-hour Wildlife Crisis Hotline and developed programs dealing with wildlife rehabilitation.

In 1987, Gina became Program Director for the National Audubon Society in Greenwich, Connecticut.  In that capacity, she led numerous environmental workshops and local field trips.  While with the National Audubon Society, Gina also led ecotours for Audubon Nature Odysseys. Destinations included Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, the Pacific Northwest, and Baja California. Upon leaving Audubon, Gina taught biology, chemistry, physical and environmental science, and computer courses for several years at Greenwich Academy in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Gina’s avid interest in wildlife biology led her to the Yellowstone Institute in Wyoming where she studied animal behavior as well as methods for tracking animal movements. She also worked on a research project on the Isle of Skye in Scotland where she investigated habitat requirements of Eurasian Otters.  In addition, she participated in an Earthwatch study of Mountain Lions in the Jim Sage Mountains in Idaho.
Her varied interests and love of the natural world have taken her to all seven continents and Gina has led bird watching tours from Alaska to Antarctica to China to Kenya and countless countries in between.

In 2005, Gina founded Sunrise Birding, LLC to offer personalized, authentic, affordable private and small group bird watching and wildlife tours around the world.

Refreshments will be served. For more information contact Carl R. Harvey at (203) 389-6076 or