Teen Book Club – Middle, High School, College (OFFSITE)

Teen Book Club – Middle, High School, College (OFFSITE)

Tuesday, July 30

3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

On the last Tuesday of each month, we’ll meet to catch-up, have some coffee, and discuss a YA title that is coming soon as a tv show or feature film! What will we talk about? Likes, dislikes, similarities between the movie and book, who WE would cast in the lead roll… basically, everything! Copies of each month’s title can be found in the Youth Services Department, by placing a hold in our online catalog, or dropping by the meeting to snag the next title. All are welcome, even if you don’t complete the book!

This club will meet at Common Grounds, a coffee shop on Main Street, where we can sink in some comfy chairs & practice adulting in a cool emo atmosphere. Don’t forget to bring money if you’d like to grab a drink & snacks (have you tried the turmeric soy late? And OMG the chocolate cake…).

July: Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
August: Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeConnick
September: A book chosen by club members–join now to vote!

Ready to sign up? Email Miss Sarah today: teens@blackstonelibrary.org

* Please note: books selected for this club are listed as YA, or “Young Adult,” and will be geared towards middle or high school readers. While this means most content won’t be too graphic, the themes may be mature in nature. Reader discretion is advised. Not sure if the book we’re reading this month is right for you? Email Miss Sarah to learn more!