Half Day with the Sugar Cube Challenge K thru 4th Grade (Lucy Hammer)

Wednesday, February 26

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

The Library is your destination on early release days since we will be featuring a different hands-on project that anyone can jump into. This time we are putting the pedal to the metal and creating teams of two for a sugar cube challenge! In this challenge participants will have to build the biggest structure possible with sugar cubes BUT here is the catch, since there always is a catch. One person will be the worker and the other the coach. The coach has to guide the worker in his/her structure building since they are blindfolded and can only use their less dominate arm. There are sure to be some fumbles in this team building event.

Registration for this program is required. To do so, please call 203. 488. 1441. ext 321 or click here.

This program is made possible by the Friends of the James Blackstone Memorial Library