No-Till Gardening: Easy/Low Labor Methods for Starting a Garden From Scratch

Saturday, May 9

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Come learn about all the ways you can create an amazing garden that’s both easier on the body and a fun family activity that makes gardening nearly weed free and a joy.

No-till means exactly what it says: You don’t till the soil, you don’t turn it over, you don’t break it up every year. Soil structure is important and delicate. Using a rototiller once to start a garden is fine, however over time you are adding too much oxygen to the soil which deprives the plants of nutrients. Digging also brings weed seeds to the surface creating more weeds to deal with. Turning over the soil also disrupts the symbiotic relationships and fungal networks that are being created in a healthy soils. In this workshop we’ll:

  • Discuss a variety of easy ways to start a garden bed from scratch. Some involve digging, but most do not
  • Discuss the materials/mulches you may want to find for free or purchase inexpensively
  • Discuss possible times to start a garden project & how you should tweak your method to match the season.
  • Show you how to drill/plant seeds & store bought plants into the soil
  • No-till also requires hardly any tools at all, but we’ll show off our favorite tools to use and which jobs to use them in

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